The Tale of Computer Networks

Learn about Hostnames,Domain names,DNS, FQDN and more (Comic/Infographic)

The booklet revolves around a conversation among three characters, Alice,Bob, Steve, as they set up a network that gradually evolves to be used by the entire neighborhood and eventually the entire city. It is aimed at teaching basic computer networking concepts like IP addresses,host names, routers, routing tables,DNS and more. It makes it fun and engaging through stories,comics and info-graphics. Instead of telling you about it, why not have a look yourself ?

Hooked ? I hope you are. Just get the entire 17 pages thing and have fun. For any questions or feedback do contact the author on twitter . You can also send a plain old email at gakwaya[AT]blikoontech[DOT]com.

Your Instructor

Daniel Gakwaya
Daniel Gakwaya

Senior Software Engineer at Blikoon Technologies , lead developer of Salama, an android lifestyle app for East Africa based on XMPP and author or the currently most popular tutorial on XMPP and Smack on Android available at our blog page. He started working on XMPP based solutions back in 2013 and couldn't stop since then.

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